Its now legal for Victorians to lease solar panels

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Solar panels are awesome, capturing energy from the sun and powering our electronic addictions. The reason 1.5 Million homes have solar and not 10 million, is largely due to the initial cost outlay. In a new announcement today, Minister for Energy & Resources, Lily D’Ambrosio announced changes to the law related to renewable energy.

Premiere Daniel Andrews and the Victorian Labor Government as made it easier for Victorian householders to install solar power panels and take up the use of renewable energy technology. The new regulatory changes which take place today, allow households to gain access to roof-top solar panels at little to no up-front costs by entering into an agreement with a solar company. This agreement is essentially a lease agreement, a popular renewable strategy internationally.

“We are making it easier for Victorian householders to take up renewable energy technology.” – said D’Ambrosio.

The arrangement enables solar companies to provide, install and maintain a solar panel system on a household, and in exchange the householder buys the energy they provide for an agreed price. Householders win by getting into solar power without large upfront outlays.

While the cost of solar is dropping to an average installation price of $4,000-$6,000, that’s still a lump sum, many can’t afford. Given the recent developments in solar storage and battery technology, we’ve asked the minister if batteries would also fall under this new legislation. It’s likely we’ll see packages of solar and battery leased to users and provide guarenteed income over a number of years to progressive solar companies.

This initiative is part of the Labor Government’s Renewable Energy Roadmap, setting out the Government’s plan to accelerate renewable energy generation and create sustainable jobs.


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