Japan launches the world’s largest floating solar array


    Australian’s love solar arrays on their rooftops, but Japan has a very different approach. They’ve just constructed an amazing 9,072 solar panel array that floats on water. The PV cells combine to make the worlds-largest solar power station.

    Outputting a very decent 2.3 megawatts, the new floating power station is by Kyoto-based electronics maker Kyocera Corp. Measuring a massive 333 meters in length and 77 meters wide. Don’t forget there’s plenty of room for expansion into the future, perfect for areas that have limited land space for panels.

    It’s expected the solar power station on water will produce enough power to cater for 820 households and will be sold to Kansai Electric Power Co for the handsome sum of $780,000 every year. There’s no word on the cost to construct the solar array, but the 9 thousand water-proof panels wouldn’t come cheap.

    If you’re ever in Western Japan, make sure you go see a neat piece of technology.

    More information at JapanTimes.

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