Jeremy Clarkson describes the Warthog in detail


In the lead up to an October launch of Forza 4, Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear gives us comical run down of Halo 4’s Warthog. Apparently they get a number enquiries from fans as to why they haven’t yet reviewed the Warthog. Clarkson then launches into complex description of the animated vehicle that’d make even science nerd Adam Spencer blush. If you’ve got 2 minutes to spare its a good laugh.

More seriously, Forza 4 is highly anticipated with every previous Forza game raising the bar of driving simulation. This time round it’ll be interesting to see the Kinect integration which makes fans of the franchise both nervous and excited. Since Forza 3 we’ve had the release of GT5, which was visually stunning but was certainly lacking in areas. This time round, there will be no head-to-head battle between the racing sims, GT6 isn’t even being discussed at this point.

News regarding Forza 4 will come thick and fast over the next month in the lead up to its release, so expect a lot of coverage and a full review when the game ships.

Is it October yet ? Drifting the warthog around the Top Gear test track should be fun.

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