JET Charge has installed 10,000 residential chargers in Australia

    Australian electric vehicle infrastructure company JET Charge recently clocked up a significant
    milestone for the nation’s EV transition. JET Charge are the the first Australian company to install 10,000 EV chargers into residential homes country-wide.

    While we often think about DC fast charging, the reality of EV ownership is that for the vast majority of owners, the vast majority will charge at home.

    JET Charge has been accelerating Australia’s transition for over a decade. 10 years ago, co-founders Tim Washington and Ellen Liang were working out of a small garage in Melbourne, installing home chargers for the first Teslas that arrived in Australia.

    “In 2014, Teslas were such a rarity that drivers used to flash their headlights when they drove past each other. We were ambitious back then but I don’t think even we could have predicted 10,000 installations when we were working out of our garage!”

    Co-founder Ellen Liang

    With the adoption rate of electric vehicles more than doubling in the last year, JET Charge hopes that EV owners will double down on their impact by opting for an environmentally efficient charging system at home.

    Our home-installed chargers are 3-4x faster at charging your vehicle compared to a wall socket charging cable. They also allow you to reduce costs by scheduling your charging during off-peak hours outlined by your electricity provider or by integrating with your home’s solar system.

    Co-founder and CEO Tim Washington.

    JET Charge works closely with an extensive network of certified electricians to make sure all home installations and maintenance services are professional, high-quality and safe.

    The cars often get all the limelight, but it’s just as important to get the infrastructure right and to make sure it’s reliable, fit for purpose and a joy to use.

    So it isn’t just the 10,000 installations I’m proud of – it’s 10,000 best-in-class installations that we know are helping our customers power their visions for a low-emissions future. We’ve installed more than 10,000 EV chargers over the last decade, and given the accelerating adoption rates of EVs, we are expecting exponential growth for JET Charge in the upcoming years.

    Co-founder and CEO Tim Washington.

    According to its FY23 Environmental Impact Report, JET Charge’s EV charging solutions enable an average emissions reduction of 779 kg CO2e per residential installation, per year.

    Another important component of the electric vehicle charging story is the charging solutions for businesses, local councils and governments.

    JET Charge is also rolling out its innovative charging-as-a-service business model, Charge+, that offers affordable and accessible charging solutions for vehicle fleets across offices, commercial sites and employee homes.

    This means companies can fully outsource their installations, charging products and maintenance services in a single bundled monthly payment, making it easier than ever to manage EV fleets.

    A recent commercial project saw the company partner with freight company Team Global Express to pioneer an Australian-first electric vehicle depot of the future, providing innovative charging solutions for the country’s largest fleet of electric delivery vehicles.

    Dean, the 10,000th home installation customer of JET Charge received a complementary charger and installation

    Australia has all the makings of clean energy, low-carbon powerhouses, and we’re determined to realise that potential by breaking down the barriers to charging. The long-awaited EV transition is well and truly upon us. We’re so proud to play our part.

    Co-founder Ellen Liang

    JET Charge has over 170 staff members, offering full-service, state-of-the-art charging infrastructure and products to residential customers, businesses of all sizes, and local councils and governments.

    Its mission is to provide accessible, affordable and straightforward charging solutions for all Australian and New Zealand customers who are riding the wave of the exciting EV and electrification transformation.

    Find out more about EV home charging solutions here and more information on their Charge+ solutions here.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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