JOBS trailer visualises the remarkable story of Steve Jobs

JOBS Trailer

Those of us who know the remarkable story behind Apple and the man that created it all, Steve Jobs may hate this movie. We may also love it because it visualizes what we read in Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs. This trailer gives us our best look at the movie yet. The trailer features that deadly tag line ‘inspired by true events’ which roughly translates to Hollywood speak for ‘we left reality on the cutting room floor and took as many liberties to make it as entertaining as we could’.

With all that said, you’ll watch the trailer, cringe at times when Ashton Kutcher is on screen, and the cheesy renditions of famous Jobs lines, but then, when it’s all over, we get a glimpse of possibility. The final frame of the trailer gives me hope that there is a chance this could actually be a great opportunity to remember a great man.

Watch, enjoy and remember Steve Jobs.

Via Gizmodo Australia.

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