Kärcher’s cordless vacuum range now available in Australia to compete with Dyson

    Different homes have different cleaning requirements. That’s why Kärcher is expanding its range of cordless vacuum cleaners with the VC 7 Cordless yourMax, a powerful machine ideal for larger households. It comes with a whole host of technical features, such as a dust sensor and an active floor nozzle, to make cleaning even easier, more flexible, and more comfortable.

    The VC 7 Cordless yourMax is ultra-flexible and ready-to-go in seconds. It weighs just 2.6 kilograms and has a sleek and ergonomic design, which gives you an impressive freedom of movement when vacuuming. The flat nozzle design means even hard-to-reach areas, such as under furniture, can be cleaned with ease. The extra-soft handle makes the vacuum particularly comfortable to hold.

    The motorised, active floor nozzle makes this vacuum cleaner suitable for use on every type of floor. LED lights on the nozzle make dirt easier to see for an even more thorough clean. A dust sensor continually measures the degree of dirt and automatically adjusts the suction power as needed. This not only makes light work of vacuuming, it also extends the run time of the battery.

    A fully charged battery can provide up to 60 minutes of cleaning in standard mode. For a quick burst of extra power, the boost mode can be activated manually. A battery status indicator on the handle shows how much charge is left via three LED lights. Other indicators on the machine head and on the battery show when the boost mode is activated or display any warning messages.

    The VC 7 features an ultra-efficient HEPA 12 filter (EN 1822:1998), which reliably traps even the tiniest dirt particles. A range of accessories, from the soft furniture brush to the upholstery nozzle, widen the scope of application even further. The cordless vacuum can also be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner for smaller cleaning jobs.

    The bagless system makes emptying the vacuum cleaner much quicker and easier, and removes the need to keep buying replacement filters. The dust container is opened by pushing a button on the underside, allowing the contents to drop straight into the rubbish bin. Once dirty, the air inlet filter is easy to clean using the separate filter cleaning tool.

    The VC 7 Cordless yourMax can be stowed away using the bracket included in the scope of supply. This is mounted straight onto the wall so the vacuum can be hung up out of the way. It can also be used to store accessories. A hard floor nozzle with LEDs is available as an optional accessory. Its ultra-soft rollers gently clean delicate hard floors.

    Price, Specs and Availability

    The Karcher VC 7 Cordless vacuum cleaner costs A$799.00 and is available now in Australia.

    The battery charges in approximately 220 minutes. When charged, the vacuum has a run time of 60 mins on standard mode or 8 minutes on Boost mode.

    The noise level during operation is <78dB. The VC 7 tips the scale at 2.6 kg.

    The waste container volume is 800 ml and the vacuum features a dust sensor, cyclone filter, air inlet filter and HEPA 12 filter (EN 1822:1998), nozzle light, boost mode, active floor nozzle.

    There are a number of accessories including a wall bracket with integrated charging function, crevice nozzle, soft brush, upholstery nozzle and soft furniture brush (2-in-1), and filter cleaning tool.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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