Kevin Rudd doing a Reddit AMA tonight at 6pm


What do you do if you’re the Prime Minister in the tail end of an election campaign in 2013? A Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) apparently. The RuddyReddit is sure to be confronting with the internet public trolls ready to play. If you have plans tonight, cancel them, get on Reddit and watch the action happen live. @KRuddMP tweeted the link to his 1.4Million twitter followers, so it’ll be interesting to see how crazy the audience gets.

Ruddy certainly isn’t the first high profile politicians to do an AMA, President Obama has been through the process before. This is an opportunity (and really requires) Ruddy to be brutally honest, so his answers may be insightful in a way that hasn’t been reflected in mainstream media.

The AMA is now underway and you can see Ruddy’s responding to the people. If you’re new to ‘the reddits’ then click on the context link to see the post Ruddy replied to  – 


Check out the AMA at Reddit

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