Kinect for Windows Sensor now available in Australia for A$296

Kinect for Windows

When Microsoft first announced the commercial availability of the Kinect for Windows, it wasn’t available to Australians. The great news is, that all just changed. The short-range enabled Kinect can now be purchased from eStore for A$296.

Paired with the SDK, application developers can build the NUI applications of tomorrow that take advantage of the updated Kinect. I’m partly responsible for the fact there’s only 5 available.. I snapped up one of the first available in Australia. Stay tuned for future posts when it arrives.

Kinect at eStore

Apparently you guys were keen to get in on the Kinect for Windows.. so much so that you brought the site to its knees. is now down. Hope they get it resolved shortly.


Update 2
eStore is back online. Hopefully there are other Australian outlets for the Kinect for Windows sensor so some price competition.

More information is available from the BizSpark blog.

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