Kingmax 1TB SSD, yours for just 3 bank robberies

1TB SSD KingmaxIf you are tired of making size compromises for SSD speed, that trade-off may be about to go away thanks to Kingmax. This 1TB SSD achieves ‘up to 260MB/s for reads and up to 210MB/s for writes. This is the first time a 1TB solid state drive has been made, a world first.

It’s interesting to see a new record set by an unexpected brand, you may be more familiar with Kingmax as a RAM manufacturer. Moving from RAM into the SSD market isn’t a big jump, but to achieve the massive 1TB in storage, Kingmax used a unique patented packing technology.

Amazingly those quadrillion bytes are packed into a 2.5” SATA II package.

Expect them to licence this to others SSD manufacturers and storage sizes to increase quickly. There is no word on price right now, but expect to need to rob 3 banks for this one. Pricing premiums are a normal occurrence when breakthrough technology reaches our shelves. What it should do is push down the price of smaller drives, so while you may never own this 1TB SSD, ultimately it’s a good thing for consumers.

More information @ Kingmax via TweakTown.

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