Koenigsegg Jesko should do ‪482km/hr

The Geneva Motor Show is particularly fruitful this year, with the Koenigsegg Jesko being unveiled. The latest vehicle from the mastermind
Christian von Koenigsegg is said to be capable of more than 300mph, that’s a face-tearing 482km/hr.

Ok technically the car has never actually ran at that speed (yet), but given these cars and every component are put through computer simulations, the theory is that’s what the car is capable of.

Naturally there’s some big asterisks like having the right environmental conditions, the right road (you’ll need a really long, flat stretch of road) as well as tyres that are capable those insane speeds while not exploding. Finally you’ll also need a daredevil driver who’s prepared to bend space and time.

The name of the car Jesko, comes from Koenigsegg’s father which I think is a particularly nice touch.

When it comes to power, the car has some very healthy stats, like 1,176.71kW (1,578bhp) and 1,499.53Nm (1106lb ft) of torque. While that’s completely bonkers, the 1,500HP club now has a few members.

Shifting through the 9-speed transmission is done using a two-stage paddle shift system that takes somewhere between 20 to 30 millseconds. The time taken to blink your eye is around 100 milliseconds as a comparison.

Apparently Christian is an iPhone user, because the Jesko supports Apple CarPlay (No Android Auto). The price is expected to start around US$3 Million for the Jesko, while that’s a lot of houses worth of a car, remember there’s a lot of rich footballers and silicon valley types who can afford this.

While the silver design is expectedly crazy, the green accents were a surprise, but that’s quickly forgotten when you spot that insane rear wing, required so the thing doesn’t take off.

Top Gear have a great run down on the Jesko, make sure you go check it out.

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