Lasoo introduces fullscreen junk mail reading


If you’re still getting your junk mail in the letterbox, you’re living in the past. Lasoo is a service that allows you to read the catalogues from retail outlets electronically. Slap a ‘No junk mail’ sticker on your box and let them know you’ve found a better way.

One of the best features that Lasoo offers is the ability to search products and find the prices aggregated across all retail and online businesses matching products. Well now there’s a new feature and that is fullscreen catalogue view. This means you hit the full screen button and there’s no zooming and panning, the catalogue size is only limited by your display size.

This means the products and associated details are on display large and in charge and easily read. Naturally there’s keyboard shortcut support, making it easy to skim through catalogues with arrow keys. This means those very visual shoppers can find their area of interest quickly.


More info @ Lasoo.

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