Leah Culver is shutting down Convore on April 1

Social forum site Convore is unfortunately coming to a close. In a blog post and email to users, Founder & CEO Leah Culver is turning off the service. Culver says she’s ending support for Convore to focus on her latest venture, team-IRC service Grove.

It’s always sad to see any new service come to an end, but if those resources and talent can be better deployed elsewhere, it’s a necessary evil. Convore was free to use from the desktop and mobile, therefore struggled for any sign of a viable business model. Culver’s new venture Grove features tiered charges immediately after a 30-day trial period.


Being responsible with people’s data, convore is providing a way to get your data out of the service, just got to https://convore.com/export

For more information, check out http://blog.convore.com/post/17951919109/convore-shutting-down-april-1st

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