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LG announced the release of their massive 84” Ultra High Definition (4K) LCD TV. This is the first Australian 84” UHD LCD TV with an impressive 3840 by 2160 resolution. It’s the expected led backlit IPS display with local area dimming. The first question once you’ve been able to pick your mouth up off the floor is content.

Currently the only content available in 4k is footage you’ve shot yourself on an expensive 4k camera or various short films on the internet. So with 4k material almost non-existent why would consumers buy a 4k TV especially when it costs the price of a small car, $15,999 RRP to be exact, well LG say content follow hardware but also this aim of this TV isn’t to penetrate your everyday household, this TV is for the niche consumers who want the very best on the market.

A major hurdle with 4k material will be distribution, a 4k movie will be around 400gb -500gb and with a current Blu-ray disc holding 100gb on a good day one of the valid options looks like internet streaming, a good example of why bandwidth the NBN aims to provide will be needed in years to come.

First Impressions

Even though the TV had bright sunlight reflecting off it during the demo, the 4K material was very impressive. 4K footage really shines in the detail. Also played was a movie played from a Blu-Ray and Call of duty 4 from a PlayStation upscaled using the built in upscaler from 1080p to 4k. Both examples looked great, you could clearly see the difference in the details between the different resolutions but much better quality than large Full HD TV. This TV is an example of what will become the norm in 5 to 10 years time. LG will sell the in only 30 key stores around the country with a RRP of $15,999 and is expected from November 19th.

Technical Specifications

84inch Gigantic Screen

3840 x 2160 Ultra Definition# Resolution

TruMotion 200Hz

Dual Core Processor

Cinema 3D

Wi-Fi Built-In

Network File Browser (DLNA) – Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi) – 2nd Display


-2.2 Speaker System

-10W x 2 plus 15W Subwoofer x 2

4 x HDMITM (incl. 1 x ARC)

4x USB 2.0

1 x Component in

1 X optical out

1 x RGB in

1 x Ethernet

W x H x D with Stand 1916mm x 1214mm x 399mm

W x H x D without Stand 1916mm x 1120mm x 39.9mm Weight (kg) with Stand 81 kg

Weight (kg) without Stand 69.8 kg

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