LG bringing two new 21:9 monitors at CES 2015


LG will globally showcase its latest 21:9 UltraWide monitor at CES2015 next week (34UM67). Their new ultra-wide monitor will be the world’s first 21:9 monitor compatible with AMD’s FreeSync technology. This allows for fluid motion during fast gameplay, a dream for hardcore gamers looking for ultimate performance in twitch gaming, while being immersed in a higher percentage of your peripheral vison taken up by the screen.

Based on IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly PC Monitor Tracker, LG is the world leader (by sales) in this segment of the monitor market, with a 77.3% share of the world’s 21:9 monitors.

AMD’s FreeSync technology eliminates the screen tearing that occurs when the monitor and graphics card are out of sync. FreeSync technology provides a smoother gaming experience, generating fluid motion and minimising motion blur.

“AMD FreeSync technology is an innovative monitor technology, based on free and open industry standards, to eliminate the tearing and stuttering that has plagued PC gaming for 30 years,” said Roy Taylor, corporate vice president of ISV/IHV Partner Group, AMD. “We are pleased that LG Electronics stands with us with truly exciting AMD FreeSync-ready displays like the LG UltraWide Gaming Monitor.”

Support for 21:9 monitors is increasing and big name titles such as Battlefield 4, World of Warcraft and ArcheAge are already supporting the 21:9 resolution. By seeing an ultra-wide field of view, LG believe gamers will have the upper hand, by seeing more of the environment than their 16:9 competitors. More games are expected to support 21:9 resolution in the future.


LG’s Curved 34-inch 21:9 Monitor with Extensive Screen

LG’s not letting Samsung have all the fun, introducing their own curved display. The 34-inch UltraWide monster (Model 34UC97) packs a mega Quad HD resolution (3440 x 1440). This display is targeting creative professionals such as graphic designers or photographers to enable more of the images and media to be seen at once.

Mac users will find the monitor particularly appealing as it is compatible with Thunderbolt 2, capable of transfer speeds up to 20Gbps in a single logical channel. The curved display further immerses users in their gaming experience.

Thanks to the 178-degree viewing angle of the In-Plane Switching (IPS) display which recreates colours across over 99 percent of the sRGBcolour space, there is no colour distortion at wide angles.

The 21:9 Curved UltraWide Multi-Display (Model 34UC87M) provides various multiple-display set-up options, raising productivity levels for stock traders and other financial professionals who need to keep track of large amounts of data simultaneously. This monitor can be used as a trading workstation or a large dashboard to display charts, quotes or pending orders on each screen, allowing the user to explore a wider range of opportunities.

LG will also showcase the Digital Cinema 4K Monitor (Model 31MU97) featuring 4K resolution (4096 x 2160), with more pixels than normal Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160). Not only does it show 4K content, but it’s super accurate, with 99.5% Adobe Colour Space, making it one to watch for those seeking precise colour management.

“LG’s premium 21:9 UltraWide monitors are designed with the unique needs of consumers in mind,” said In-kyu Lee, senior vice president and head of the TV and monitor division at the LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “The industry has come a long way from the days when one display design was thought to be suitable for all users. With the amount of time we spend in front of monitors, there’s a lot of room for specialised monitors in our lives.”

We’ll be heading to CES215 this year and hope to get eyes on with these new displays. If you’re heading to CES, you can stop by LG’s booth at CES 2015 (Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall #8204) from Jan. 6-9 to see LG’s latest monitor lineup up.

Pricing and availability of featured models are yet to be determined for Australia.

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