LGs 65″ rollable TV is coming to Australia in July for an outrageous A$130,000

    Nobody needs a rollable TV, but if you want to avoid permanently obscuring million dollar views with a standard TV install, LG has the perfect TV for you.

    For an outrageous A$130,000, LG will sell you their 65″ rollable TV from July this year. This has just been announced so details are still scarce. Even the technical details around actually paying for the TV aren’t fully decided. It’s not clear if there’s be a deposit at first, or you’ll be required to drop the entire A$130k at once.

    What we do know is the orders are going straight through, the US version of the site and the TVs are being made to order. That means you can’t simply walk into a store and have one at your house the same day, instead the special online order process will result in a 6-8 week wait for delivery.

    While most ordinary Australians will never spend that kind of money on a car, let alone a TV, for those that have been fortunate enough to be great at sports, done well in business, or played the stock market, your successes can now be realised in the ultimate party trick, a pop-up, scrollable TV.

    When the TV is not in use, it retracts down into a box on the floor, returning you to those million dollar views, likely from your penthouse apartment. When the screen rolls away, the OLED R transforms into an amazing sound system. You can listen to your favorite music with the immersive sound of Dolby Atmos with powerful 100W 4.2ch speakers.

    The LG Signature R1 Rollable OLED TV has been shown at CES the past couple of years as a prototype, so it’s great to see it finally become a real product consumers can buy. What isn’t clear is what demand there’ll be for a display like this, given the cost and given the size of many TVs, especially in large, luxury homes, is far larger than 65″.

    Nobody needs a rollable TV, but if you have the cash and you want to reward innovation and have something unique, now’s your chance.

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    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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