LG’s big CES innovation is a square robot vacuum

    We’re now at that week of the year that scream insanity. Yep, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada is underway. Move over pre-release announcements, it’s time for the real deal. Showing up in today’s inbox is a press release from LG.

    So LG’s big innovation this year is a square robot vacuum cleaner. In a very competitive space, started by Roomba, the automated vacuum cleaners to date have all been round. LG say the Roboking
    Square offers a significant upgrade in cleaning performance. Improved sensors and longer brushes combined with its square shape allows it to get into corners, previously unreachable by the hockey pucks.

    One neat trick is that it the on-board Eye 2.0 cameras can scan the room at night. Not exactly sure why this is important as I can’t think of why anyone would set the vacuum cleaning to be done at night.

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