Like your gadgets large? Giant Lumia 800 touchscreen

Nokia Lumia 800

Yesterday Nokia’s hottest device, the Lumia 800 went on sale with Telstra, following last weeks launches on Optus and Vodafone. To celebrate the launch, Nokia have put together a pretty sweet bit of marketing material. A giant touch-enabled Lumia 800 in the middle of Sydney.

Nokia says these massive phones will also be calling down south, hitting Melbourne on the 8th of May. It’s not yet known what powers the internals of this plus-sized awesome, but Nokia is getting back to us.

While we’ve seen giant phone displays before, they’re usually just a standard 42” TV, positioned in portrait mode, playing promotional material. The difference here, is the Lumia 800 is actually interactive, a great way for everyday consumers to discover not only the device, but the Windows Phone platform.

More info @ Nokia’s Facebook page.

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