Lime scooter V3 adds 2.8” colour display, bigger wheels and better suspension

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have noticed electric scooters (and bikes) are taking over our cities. With traffic congestion making most commutes a nightmare, a scooter can often be one of the fastest ways to get around.

One of the biggest players in the market has announced the third generation of the Lime-S electric scooter is bringing it to Australia.

The Gen 3 continues to revolutionise urban mobility, through a number of hi-tech advancements to offer a smoother, safer and more sustainable ride.

Built to cruise on urban terrain with ease, the Gen 3 features two-sided front wheel suspension, multi-modal braking and 10” diameter wheels.

The scooter battery efficiency has also been improved to increase the sustainability of the vehicle, while the aluminium frame has prolonged its lifecycle up to six months, offering more durability.

Lime’s APAC Director of Government Strategy, Mitchell Price said he is looking forward to bringing this premium vehicle to Australia.

 “Lime is relentless in pushing the boundaries of innovation and will continue to iterate models and improve features based on rider and Juicer feedback to ensure we can offer the most comfortable, durable, and safest scooter on the market.

We can’t wait to introduce our premium Gen 3 scooter to Australia. 

Lime’s commitment to safety is paramount and is demonstrated through the advanced qualities of our Gen 3, which is already incredibly popular in cities like Berlin,”

Lime’s APAC Director of Government Strategy, Mitchell Price

One of the most revolutionary features on the Lime-S Gen 3 is the 2.8” colour display dashboard which allows Lime to better communicate safe riding tips and proper parking etiquette to encourage Lime riders to ride safely, abide by city laws, and park responsibly. 

Lime has already achieved great success in Australia, recording more than 1 Million scooter rides in the first six months of operating in Brisbane.

Sydney has seen similar success with the electric bikes, recording more than 500,000 rides and connecting more than 200,000 individual riders to their destination since their launch late last year.

Mr Price said Lime is working closely with local governments and authorities across Australia to bring the scooters to more markets.

“We’re continuing to see positive uptake of our electric bikes in Sydney and scooters in Brisbane, and hope to expand our service across Australia,”

Lime’s APAC Director of Government Strategy, Mitchell Price

Lime is giving Victorians a chance to trial the future of transport, hosting Lime First Ride events at the Digital AI and Future of Mobility Summits on Tuesday, August 27.

Regional Director of Government and Policy Asia Pacific, Mitchell Price said the dock free rideshare has more to offer to cities than just an active transport alternative.

“Lime is relentless in pushing the boundaries of innovation and through AI we can ensure we offer the best product and service to the cities we operate in.

We can utilise the data of the average commuter to plan better cities, Lime already uses hotspot analysers to aid deployment locations for scooters, imagine what we could do if we could apply this data to our infrastructure.”

Regional Director of Government and Policy Asia Pacific, Mitchell Price

Mr Price said the First Rider Academy is the perfect introduction for the first time electric scooter riders to learn the best and safest way to ride.

“Lime’s First Ride Academy is dedicated to providing the best education on safe riding practices to ensure riders take the same responsibility for themselves and their surroundings as they would with any other mode of transport.”

Regional Director of Government and Policy Asia Pacific, Mitchell Price

Lime’s commitment to improving city living and urban transportation infrastructure has transformed travel across the globe, expanding to more than 100 markets and recording 50 million rides since its inception in 2017. For more information visit

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  1. I’ve now tried these new scooters twice and I find they have a stability problem when reaching higher speeds which is odd because I expected they’d be more stable. I find the older models more stable. The most stable, by far, are the Neuron scooters. I would choose these every time but they don’t offer the same geographic coverage as lime. So with lime, I’ll stick to the older models.

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