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The movie JOBS is now in cinemas in the US and will soon be released in Australia (August 29th). The movie based on the life of Steve Jobs features Ashton Kutcher who actually has an uncanny resemblance to an early Jobs. During his research for the role, Kutcher immersed himself in everything Jobs. Every audio file and video he could get his hands on, he consumed.

Being the social character he is, Kutcher has shared these audio clips of his researched Steve Jobs’ life on SoundCloud. The clips range from 1979 when Jobs was 24 years old, through to 1994 when he was 39 years old.

During his research, Kutcher would load hours of this audio onto his phone and listened to it repeatedly to pickup the most subtle details in the way he spoke and performed. We get to see the sexy part of the movie production business, the final film, but there are years of hard work behind the scenes that go into achieving that. This is a small insight to how a serious actor goes about their craft.


Head over to Sound Cloud to listen to the interviews with Jobs. There’s a lot there, so enjoy and remember a great human being who changed the world.

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