Live Mesh June 18 update


    I posted on twitter yesterday that I’d received an update to Windows Live Mesh, I was wondering what changes were made. This morning Microsoft have emailed a list of updates to Live Mesh.


    · Live Mesh is now available in all English-speaking countries (not just the U.S.)

    · Removed the User Account Control (UAC) requirement when installing and using Live Mesh with Windows Vista SP1

    · Index for Desktop Search now works with Live Mesh folders

    · Fixed bug where an underscore in a Hotmail account name returned an "Invalid Hotmail Address" error

    · Fixed bug with Silverlight 2 Beta 2 failing to load in Silverlight Media View

    · Fixed bug where the notifier tooltip incorrectly indicated that Live Mesh Remote Desktop was unavailable for a computer running in non-admin mode

    · Fixed bug where the Live Mesh folder icon was not displayed in the e-mail inviting someone to share a folder

    · Fixed one of the bugs that caused Live Mesh to fail to start

    · Fixed problem with Live Mesh returning errors when waking from sleep/hibernate

    Personally I’d like to see a change to how you connect to devices within your home network. There’s times when I’m on the couch with the laptop and would like to connect to my PC, currently doing this would send information out to the Internet and then back down to my home network. A more efficient and faster option would be to detect where the traffic is going, if that’s only internal to your home network, then just use your router to distribute the data.

    More @ Live Mesh Blog

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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