Lumia 1520 leaks, first 1080p Windows Phone


    The day after I pre-ordered the Lumia 1020, comes a leak of the first 1080p Windows Phone. The Lumia 1520 is a giant 6” by Nokia and has similar internal specs as the 1020. One key difference is of course that upgraded 1920×1080 display that fits plenty more tiles. At 6 inches the phone is a monster that won’t suit everyone, still the touch points for those tiles will be large and easy to hit.

    The camera looks to have a camera similar to the 925 (likely 20MP), not the monster 41MP of the 1020, but the word on the street is that it will have expandable storage via a Micro-SD slot, something that currently alludes the flagship. The phone is running an unreleased update to the OS, called GDR3 which will add another row of tiles, support for 1080 displays and screen rotation lock to name a few.

    Remember this is a leak, so nothing is official yet, but the Verge are expecting an announcement from Nokia on the 1520 in the coming weeks. If the 1020 release is anything to go by, Aussies won’t see the device locally until close to Christmas or even 2014.

    More info at The Verge.

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