Telstra pre-orders for Lumia 920 delayed until Nov 30th, send hate mail to JBL

Lumia 920 delay

Those of us who pre-ordered the Nokia Lumia 920 on Telstra were told the launch was tomorrow. After a number of unconfirmed reports of a delay were emerging across the web, I decided to do some digging. I started off with a online chat with Telstra online support and discovered the news was not good for tomorrow.

Now pre-order customers have received official confirmation from Telstra that the launch indeed is delayed. The cause is the JBL PlayUp speaker which was offered as a free bonus for pre-ordering with Telstra.

The new launch date is now this Friday the 30th November, so while only a few days it is a big deal. Telstra understands that customers are understandably annoyed by the delay and have offered a free 3-month Xbox Music Subscription as compensation. For an issue that really isn’t Telstra’s fault, it’s decent compensation.

There is however no compensation for seeing gorgeous photos taken with other Aussies who already have been able to buy their 920’s outright. The option to just get the phone now and ship the speaker later is not an option.

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