Make smooth sliding professional looking video with DP Slider

DP Slider

DP Slider is a camera track system for DSLR and video cameras. You may have seen videos that move smoothly from top to bottom or side to side and wonder why your clumsy hands can’t achieve the same thing. The DP Slider can take your video from a shaky amateurish production to an impressive professional quality video.

Apparently word is out how awesome DP Slider is, with a 2 week waiting list before you can get one. There’s a variety of models, featuring different lengths and configurations. Prices start around US$299 right up to US$799 depending on your needs.

Check out the video to see the amazing results possible. Keep in mind, it does help to have a great camera and cool friends who own bars and pool tables. Moving the camera along the track is a manual process, while automated rigs are available, these are much more expensive.

DP Slider

Via Terry White’s Tech Blog

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