Marissa Mayer backflips and Yahoo work from home policy


In February this year, Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer made the bold move to end working from home plans for employees. Reportedly Mayer said she wanted the company to move more quickly, with teams focusing on collaboration and communication, something she believed wasn’t possible while employees worked remotely.

After just a couple of months into the new experiment, reports are emerging from Yahoo employees, that an internal employee revolt against the ban has Mayer reversing her decision on the policy. This brings Yahoo back in line with the industry trend to move to flexibility in an effort to achieve better work/life balance.

Today’s big announcement is accompanied by a commitment to Microsoft’s enterprise quality, unified communication platform, LYNC. Yahoo will in fact be the first external company to trial a new version which tightly integrates Skype contacts in the one client.

Chief Operating Officer, Henrique De Castro said “the new policy position, paired with the new software sets up Yahoo to be one the most competitive companies this decade, with many more exciting announcements to come in the following months.”

Mayer’s new policy will come in to effect on April 1, 2014.

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