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As per normal on a Microsoft event, the press channels have started releasing the info before the event is even finished. So while we’ve talked a lot about what’s on the insides, it’s time to sit back and watch the Surface 2 video below. Well done marketing company, it’s sufficiently weird, but I do miss the dubstep.

In the blog post from Panos Panay, he says the Surface Pro  has been my daily machine for a LONG time. Surface Pro 2 is a very significant to battery-life so it lasts nearly a full workday. He claims that new dual-stage kickstand works great on your lap, we’ll have to try that one, will still be touch at 10”, I find my 13” the perfect size for that.

Probably the most interesting number to come out of the post is Microsoft claim Surface 2 lasts more than more than 10 hours. With the Docking Station for Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 can be the first device that is a tablet, a laptop, AND a high-powered workstation.

If you did miss all the info, it’s available now at The Surface Blog, as well as more images of the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, even the new dock.

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