Mercedes-Maybach have plans for a luxury autonomous drone by 2030

Gorden Wagener is the Chief Design Officer for @mercedesbenz and all brands of @daimler_ag. Today, he posted on Instagram a crazy looking concept of an autonomous drone that is said to be a design for a Luxury Mercedes-Maybach Shuttle.

The design is unlike anything we’ve seen before, with traditional passenger drones, like that of Bell at CES last year, looked much like a helicopter with props. This looks sleek and sexy in design and bloody fast sitting still.

One of the biggest challenges with drones is the noise created by the props and in relation to the 4 props on this, they look massive compared to the body. As we know from PC cooling, larger fans means slower spinning to move the same volume of air, so this may be key to keeping the noise down.

While the passenger canopy is really just painted on, it shows a fairly small ratio of occupiable space compared to the overall body size. Combined with the ‘ultimate in luxury’ line, if this was ever to make it to production, you can expect rides to be incredibly expensive.

Perhaps the most crazy part of the post is that they actually mention a timeline for the project.

We also transporting the experience of the ultimate in luxury to the lifestyle of Maybach customers in year 2030.

2030 is just 10 years away and right now getting autonomous, road-going vehicles is a massive challenge. With others like Uber already planning on real-world trials of drone transports, that does seem like a very aggressive timeline.

If the scope of the aircraft is to be fast, the aerodynamic design certainly looks like it’d be the Concord of the drone world. Can’t wait to see an actual working prototype, then of course, there’s the safety and regulatory approvals to get through.

It is awesome to dream about the future and this design certainly makes us excited about what that future may look like.

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