Metricon VR, a free Google Cardboard to experience your new home at home

    From tomorrow, Metricon are giving home buyers a branded Google Card to experience their next home in Virtual Reality. The launch coincides with the building industry’s busiest time, with an expected 35% increase in February traffic to display homes compared to monthly averages.

    The experience works by having users visit the Metricon website on their phone, selecting the home of their choice (up to 90 different designs to choose from) and launching the virtual tour. At that point the magic happens thanks to 3D imagery by Phoria on the Matterport platform.

    Users then place their phone in the Google Cardboard and secure it with the velcro tab at the top. Raise it up to their eyes and then start looking around a digital version of their future home.

    Navigation is super simple, with dots placed at a number of locations throughout the house where the user simply looks at the dot for a few seconds and you move to the next position. From each position, you can look in 360 degrees giving you a sense of size and scale for the house selected.

    Back in January of 2015, Metricon introduced virtual tours to their website. In late 2015, VR headsets were available at the company’s Wonthaggi display center, but making them available to all potential home buyers is a much better approach.

    As someone building a home with Metricon, I’m acutely aware of the nervousness associated with choosing the right home. In our home building experience, we’ve visiting dozens of display homes, some multiple times re-confirm decisions. Being able to visit and revisit a house, floorplan and finishes is amazingly beneficial.

    Metricon was nice enough to send out a Google Cardboard so could experience the VR solution ahead of the launch tomorrow. While the GearVR solution offers better quality, the opportunity to distribute a free low-cost high-impact Cardboard solution scales to benefit thousands of home buyers across Australia, something Metricon is sure to benefit from in sales.

    Here’s a quick video that demonstrates the experience when you’re in the VR experience.

    National Marketing Services Manager at Metricon, Kelly Millar said,

    The team were thrilled to introduce the progressive tech offering to prospective customers and provide the opportunity to experience Metricon home in Virtual Reality nation-wide.
    Metricon has always been committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements impacting our industry, so we’re proud to be making this genuinely.


    Just visit a Metricon display home to collect your free Metricon VR cardboard from tomorrow. Find the nearest display home at

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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