Microsoft confirms HoloLens will feature at tonight’s devices event


Tonight Microsoft is holding a devices event in New York, where they’ll talk about a range of hardware products. One of the most hotly anticipated is HoloLens and given it’s been months since the announcement and news has been quiet since, we’re well overdue for some good news. Previously Microsoft had suggested developer devices won’t ship till next year, but we could be in for an early Christmas present.

It would be a great move for Microsoft to announce they’re heard user feedback about the limited field of view and addressed that issue. It’d also be great to hear more about the development software that we’ll use to create augmented worlds. Finally we’d love to see some solid partnerships on top of the Nasa JPL already announced. With Virtual Reality hitting it’s strides, it’s time Microsoft highlighted why we should wait for AR instead.

If you subscribed to news updates about HoloLens, you would have received an email overnight confirming the HoloLens inclusion at the event.


The event will also be the official announcement of the worst kept secret, new flagship Windows Phone hardware. The Lumia 950 and 950 XL. While the hardware specs are upgraded, it certainly doesn’t appear that we’ll see any great leap forward (or catchup) in design of the handsets. At best the most interesting thing about the new phones will be a biometric unlock (word on the street is retina scanning) which would be a first in a phone, but we’ll need to be convinced it’s more secure and faster than a fingerprint sensor.

While we’ll see the devices on stage, the big problem is Windows 10 for phone isn’t done. This means we’re unlikely to see the devices shipping for quite some time, or as Mary Jo Foley suggested, they could ship with a pre-RTM build which would be remarkable.

The event is scheduled for Ocotober 6th, 10AM ET in the US, or 1am AEDT time and you can watch it live at

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