Microsoft Courier is Vaporware

    Microsoft Courier
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    When news broke last week of Microsoft’s Courier broke last week, I held off on writing about it. Hoping there’d be more substantial details of the dual-touch-screen device that quickly followed. Unfortunately this hasn’t been the case.

    Microsoft’s Courier received an extraordinary amount of press considering there’s no actual product here. It’s a concept, at best prototype device from their labs. The way people have reacted you’d think this thing is shipping tomorrow.

    We’re not going to see this device any time in 2010, maybe, just maybe sometime in 2011, seriously I’d love to have Microsoft prove me wrong. The path to consumerism is a long one, with no guarantee that it’ll ever make it to market. From a hardware perspective, even once the technical challenges have been worked out, there’s miniaturisation, consumer packaging, mass production and distribution channels to arrive. As for Software this may indeed already be under development, but to build something this new and unique would take years to develop.

    Granted the concept is new, something we’ve not seen in a device to date, but I’ve seen far to many ‘cool concepts’ that turn out to be vapor-ware to be excited about this. Wake me when we see some real hardware, add the Apple Tablet to the same list.

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    Jason Cartwright
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