Microsoft delivers Office comes to Android


What was once a big selling point of Windows Phone over competing smartphone platforms, Office Mobile for Android devices is now available. Office on Android is free, but does require an Office 365 Subscription. The release of Office for Android, follows the recent Office on iOS, completing the mobile OS trifecta. If you’re thinking this is a strange move from Microsoft, just remember the power that the Office team wield inside Microsoft.

Office is not the sexiest part of Redmond’s business, but it is the biggest earning division and has been for quite some time. At some point the services division will likely overtake it with subscription offerings like SkyDrive and Azure, but then again Office 365 is subscription, so would also fall under the service category.

If you’re an Android user that’s been hanging to get Office and tired of Google docs or open office, the real deal is now available. Well that is of course if you live in the right country. Despite Office 365 being available in Australia, I get the following message when attempting to install it – ‘This item cannot be installed in your device’s country.’

More info @ Office blog

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