Microsoft enforces free Xbox Live iPhone Apps

    While iPhone owners come from both Microsoft and Apple communities, some developers have taken the opportunity to fill the void (assuming Microsoft won’t develop iPhone apps themselves) of Microsoft connected services.

    There’s been a number of iPhone applications that connect to Microsoft’s Xbox Live system to display information about gamercards. These include your friends gamertag, gamerscore, achievement totals, current online status and more.

    Developers who have access to Xbox Live SDK are only permitted to do so by following the rules and regulations from Microsoft. The latest addition to those rules is the restriction to iPhone applications that connect to Xbox Live services MUST be free.


    This is actually a positive move by Microsoft that benefits consumers. The application iXboxLive (now renamed as Xbox LIVE Friends)used to cost AU $1.99 while the more expensive 1337pwn XBOX Live friends Application cost AU $7.99.

    Both of these applications are now free in the iTunes App Store.

    Little consolation to those who’ve already laid down the cash for the apps.

    More @ Gizmodo

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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