Microsoft personally inviting journalists to Tech.Ed


Microsoft Tech.Ed is quickly approaching for 2012 and Microsoft are getting creative in drumming up excitement around the event. This afternoon journalists started receiving personalised messages from Microsoft personnel. As a Tech.Ed regular, I happened to be one. You can watch my personal welcome to Tech.Ed by none other than Mr Andy Coates (@coatsy).

It’s a neat way of engaging journalists attention that is often occupied by generic bland press releases sent to thousands. This tactic of getting press attention was pioneered by the Old Spice campaign, but thankfully this one features more clothes and less bathroom (sorry Coatsy).

I do kind of want one of those doctor evil style chairs now..

Here’s another from Nick Hodge to Michael Aulia.

If you want to know more about Tech.Ed Australia 2012, head to or if you’re already sold on the benefits, then register here. For those attending, I will be there, with cameras, so come say hi. It’s on the Gold Coast again and let’s be honest, there’s a lot worse places in the world to do business for a week.


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