Microsoft starts rolling Metro UI Dashboard Update to beta users

Metro Dashboard Update
Image source: WinRumors

Microsoft has begun rolling out their new Xbox Dashboard Update, codenamed ‘Madrid’. The update introduced the Metro UI to the Xbox 360, bringing it in line with Windows Phone and the upcoming Windows 8 release. Along with a new interface, the update also brings:

  • New design with integrated Kinect voice and gesture controls  
  • Facebook Sharing
  • Cloud Storage for Game Saves and Xbox LIVE Profile

Last months we covered the upcoming Australian voice controls and Australian launch of Zune Music. The Aussie voice control via Kinect should arrive in this update, and remember the launch of Zune Music in Australia is scheduled for the 16th of November.

The update is restricted to a small set of beta testers who signed up at last month. There is a Non-disclosure-agreement in place to all who were accepted into the program.

A source close to my console, says it has not yet reached all consoles. Expect this to take a while to roll out internationally. Do you know if it has landed in Australia? Leave an anonymous comment.

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