Microsoft to release “Switch to Windows Phone” app for Android


Microsoft is throwing everything it has at trying to get users to switch to their Windows Phone platform – including releasing a “Switch to Windows Phone” Android app to encourage Android users to swap over to their mobile platform.

According to Neowin, Microsoft is set to release the application next week. The app will find Windows Phone versions of users apps and also substitute third-party apps for official ones if one isn’t available, like Instagraph for Instagram. The app works by using SkyDrive to store a list of the users Android apps and then finds the equivalent apps on the Windows Phone operating system and provides the user with listings from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The search engine is provided by Quixey, an application search engine that provides the ability to find the Windows Phone substitute.

Microsoft has been trying to sway users from Android for a while now. In December, the Windows Phone twitter account trended the hashtag #DroidRage where they asked Twitter users to share their Android Malware “horror stories”. The Redmond company also released a commercial last month showing how the platforms flagship, Nokia’s Lumia 920 faced up against Samsung’s Galaxy S III – Androids most popular smartphone.

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