Microsoft’s E3 keynote – “Xbox, the future revealed”

Xbox the future revealed E3
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Thanks to the time zone gods, tomorrow the day will start around 2AM. Microsoft will open the electronic entertainment expo, better known as E3, with a keynote that is said to showcase “Xbox, the future revealed”. A very intriguing title indeed.

We already know Nintendo have committed to showing off a playable version of their next console. Previously Microsoft had been quoted as saying the Xbox 360’s lifespan would be around 10 years. As we know, the likes of the PS2 can live on for a very long time, but doesn’t mean the successor has to wait till that 10 years is over. So are we likely to get a sneak peak at the Xbox 720 ? That’d be two big reveals in a week (the other being Windows 8).

A more likely scenario is that Microsoft will talk about future game releases using Kinect and potentially expand Zune services. As always techAU will follow the news and be tweeting updates as we go. There’ll be live streams available, so join in the complimentary discussions, thoughts, opinions on twitter.

For those more sane people, there’ll be a summary blog post of the announcement for you to digest over your breakfast coffee.

Microsoft are making sure you don’t miss the action, watch it on Microsoft’s Facebook page, on your Xbox 360 or Windows Phone. E3 is jam packed with press conferences, Microsoft will be followed by EA, Ubisoft and Sony tomorrow, then its Nintendo’s turn on Wednesday morning.

E3 Press conference list. (courtesy of AusGamers)

  • Microsoft Xbox: – June 7th, 2am AEST – Live Stream @
  • Electronic Arts – June 7th, 5:30am AEST – Live Stream @
  • Ubisoft – June 7th, 7:30am AEST – Live Stream @
  • Sony: June 7th, 10am AEST – Live Stream @
  • Nintendo: June 8th, 2am AEST – Live Stream @

More information @ E3Expo

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