Australia gets new 20″ black rims on the Model 3 Performance, silver is gone

Over the last few days, photos of a new black rim on Model 3s were shared online. The photo showed multiple Model 3s on the back of a truck carrier with the unannounced rim.

This afternoon Tesla has made a change to the Model 3 Performance available in Australia (and other parts of the world like the UK). The top Model 3 now comes with 20″ black rims (officially known as 20’’ Gray Performance Wheels), which I think look amazing, not too far from the stunning turbines of the Model S and X.

Interestingly Tesla chose to replace the standard silver rims with the black, completely removing the silver option. For some who already own a Model 3 Performance, it’ll be a little disappointing we missed out on the black option, however for others who preferred the silver, that option is also now gone.

Tesla continue to tweak their product lineup and the change in rims is the latest example of that. There’s no warning, just a change in the availability on their website.

Wheels on the Standard Range+ and Long Range remain unchanged, offering the more efficient aero wheels.

Hat tip to techAU reader Masao who highlighted the change in wheels.

In the past couple of days, Tesla has also updated the delivery estimate for new orders. The time frame on new Model 3 orders is now set as late November. It seems the strong demand for Model 3 has continued and we’re likely not far away from new orders being after Christmas. If you’re on the fence about getting a Model 3 and want it this year, it’d be a good idea to move fast.

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