Model 3 invoices are going out to New Zealand customers

New Zealand customers have begun receiving invoices for their Model 3 orders. This is the final step (payment) prior to delivery.

After weeks of build-up, the end is in sight for new Tesla owners awaiting the arrival of their new RHD Model 3’s. Australian customers are definitely at a 10 on the excitement meter, in anticipation of local deliveries starting before the end of August.

Today the Cap Capricorn docked in Sydney after dropping cargo in New Zealand earlier in the week. This is the ship that is believed to carry the first batch of customer cars and if it sounds crazy that the Tesla community are stalking a ship, that highlights just how desperate people are for information about their big purchase.

New Zealand-based Paul Stananought placed an order for his Model 3 Long Range All-wheel drive in Midnight Silver, on the 31st of May, then reconfigured on 26 July. Typically a reconfiguration means your place in the cue is lost and that makes the next piece of information even more surprising.

Stananought posted on Twitter tonight that he has received the vehicle invoice in his Tesla account online (under the Documents section). So far at least, there has been no call from a delivery manager to discuss the delivery date.

Based on information shared on the Model 3 Australia Facebook Group, people are being told by Tesla staff that delivery should take place around 7 days after receiving an invoice.

When the configuration page went live in RHD markets like New Zealand and Australia, Tesla stated delivery would be in August. After a couple of weeks, the estimated delivery date shifted to September, likely a reflection of the quantity available on the first boat from America.

With these things considered, it’s likely Tesla is going to deliver (at least some) vehicles in the last week of August to customers in Australia and New Zealand.

The image Stananought shared also confirms the vehicle build date was the 7th of August, just last Wednesday. That’s an incredible delivery timeframe for a vehicle made on the other side of the planet. This speaks to how refined Tesla logistics are now, even with new launch countries for Model 3.

On Wednesday this week, anxious owners found references to their vehicle’s VIN numbers. While many on the forum had highlighted these can often be switched before invoicing, Stananought confirmed his pre-VIN actually does match the one found on the final invoice.

Once you have the final invoice, you can arrange payment, but Tesla said payment can be made right up until the day before delivery. Remember this means in their account before you receive the car, so make sure you allow a few days for EFT to go through.

In preparing for delivery, you’ll also have to arrange insurance. There’s a lot of conversation around on who has the best deals, but given everyone’s circumstances are different and tolerance for excess amounts, it’s nearly impossible to suggest a one size fits all answer. The best approach is to do your research and compare providers and rates to find the best fit for you.

Not long now people.

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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  1. “This is the ship that is believed to carry the first batch of customer cars and if it sounds crazy that the Tesla community are stalking a ship, that highlights just how desperate people are for information about their big purchase.”

    As a fellow Model 3 enthusiast, I have no problem with being described “crazy” or “desperate” – yes, I am both of those – at least with respect to the Model 3.

    I do not think of myself or my fellow passionate Model 3 enthusiasts as “stalkers” though, with all the sinister connotations that go with that word.

    I believe we are both open and we operate within the law. I would have loved to get a picture of the Cap Capricorn being unloaded on the dock, but for that I would have had to resort to what could be described as illegal “stalking”, hence that did not happen.

    So, “crazy nuts bonkers – enthusiastic followers” yes, but “stalkers”, not really.

    1st in Line

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