MOG launches down under, first impressions


The latest entrant to the music subscription service, MOG launched in Australia today. There’s no escaping it, MOG is late to the game and needs to offer something differentiating to stand out. MOG offers high quality streaming at 320kbps matching the competition. Something that sets MOG apart from the competition is its partnership with Telstra.

This relationship allows MOG to gain instant credibility with millions of Telstra and BigPond customers, while providing BigPond Music with a music subscription service overnight. A key differentiator for MOG is its unmetered streaming for Telstra’s customers. With MOG’s high quality audio streams, it would chew through the data pretty efficiently.

One of the most important points for music lovers is the ability to get their music everywhere. This means good device support is imperative to having a successful service. MOG offers PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android support. Premium multi-room audio solution SONOS should be commended in supporting virtually all Australian music subscription services. Every time a new service arrives, SONOS support seems to appear on launch day. As a SONOS owner, this is seriously appreciated and allows music to stream around your home wirelessly.

The biggest issue MOG faces with their fashionably late entrance is that music fans have had plenty of time to commit to a subscription on one of the other services. While there may be no technical lock-in with month-to-month music subscriptions in Australia, there is a changing cost. That changing cost comes from the the playlists you’ve setup, the friends you’ve added and no way to export them. While MOG’s offering is certainly competitive, I can’t recommend people switch if you already subscribe to the tunes elsewhere.

Personally Spotify remains my pick of the music subscriptions, apparently more than 100 of my friends agree. While MOG’s catalogue and pricing is essentially the same, it comes down to how you make sense of the music. Spotify’s app platform for creating playlists, discovering what your friends are listening to is second to none.



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