offering NFC enabled business cards

NFC Moo business cards

Simply touch the NFC-enabled business card to a device with NFC support and the contact details will be transferred. It doesn’t have to be limited to just your contact details either. NFC business cards can be setup to link to your portfolio, web pages, music, video, social networks, downloads, discounts, maps or even apps.

These would be great for businesses to post on the walls of their store to allow customers to tap and download their mobile apps. There’s also great metrics you can get about how many people scan your card. Compare that with a standard business card which may go straight in the bin and never used. Another awesome feature is that they can be updated even after you’ve handed them out.

This means if your details change, email address or website for example, then you update from a web portal and the next time the card is scanned, it distributes the new info.

Add this to the list of reasons why the iPhone5 should have included NFC. It’s not an experiment, it’s here now and it’s awesome. If you get in early to NFC, your business card may be used as the demo to friends and colleagues.

While Bump wish that physical business cards went away completely, the reality is they are still used heavily.

More information @ via Mashable

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