Motorola Atrix finally gets official Gingerbread

The Motorola Atrix has finally had Gingerbread 2.3.4 released for it but not on the Telstra model. If you are one of the early adopters that rushed out and purchased the AT&T model your update is waiting for you. You can get it by checking the software updates on the phone for an OTA upgrade or you can go here and follow the instructions. Please note this is for AT&T models only. Do NOT attempt to put this on any other model.

So is it worth it if you are running the AT&T model on the Telstra network here in Australia?

Well, it is a 161MB file that once downloaded takes about 25 minutes to install. You are then faced with a new colour scheme, icons and a phone that is quite slow at first while is syncs your data from Google and Motoblur however the great thing is, is that it is an update that leaves your icons and settings as they were.

You are also asked would you like to see a video showing the new features which are updates to the music and gallery apps as well as new style notification bar which allows you to dismiss notifications one at a time rather than clear all.

The phone seems faster and more stable but it is early days yet to see if some of the irritants that the Froyo version has have been ironed out.

However one negative I have come across is that the AT&T mobile hotspot work around seems to no longer work, so will have to do some research into that.

For all the details on the features here is the AT&T pdf which highlights all the news features of the Gingerbread upgrade on your AT&T Motorola Atrix.

How long it will be until Telstra release there is anyone’s guess but historically their slow roll outs for the HTC Desire to Froyo and HTC Mozart to Nodo it could be nearer Christmas before this phone gets the update is has been longing for and deserves.

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