Motorola ATRIX promo video. Beware, you will want this.

Motorola ATRIX

We got our first look at this beast at CES, but now its time for the marketing machine to shift into high gear. The Motorola ATRIX is the first dual-core smart phone and while that was-super impressive a couple of weeks ago, Sony’s NGP will rock a Cortex A9 quad-core. Still that’s almost a year away and the ATRIX will ship in the US late February.

As far as promotional videos go, this one’s about as juicy as they get. Natrually there’s a lot of 3D rendering, but the UI gets shown off, along with the unique laptop docking and windowed interface, even the TV-dock, and 10-foot UI. Just be careful, it’ll be very hard not to want one afterwards. Even worse, there’s no Australian release announced.. you have been warned.

More information at AusDroid

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