Move over Foursquare, Facebook check-in deals are here.

Facebook check in deal Australia

The local check-in war just got a little hotter today, with Facebook launching check in deals in Australia. While you may have found Facebook places great for bragging about your locations to friends and families, there’s now financial incentives. With the launch today of check-in deals, comes a number of big businesses that have immediately signed up. Commonwealth Bank and 7 Eleven to name a couple.

How does it work ?

When your out on the go, fire up the mobile Facebook application for your favourite smart phone and hit the Check-in button. With the power of GPS locations in your immediate area will be displayed. When you check-in to a location with a Facebook deal, you will be prompted if a deal exists with that business. Press ‘Check in to claim’. Show the employee in-store and you’ll land the discount or freebie.

Facebook places check in deal

In the Commonwealth Bank deal, customers signing up for a new Everyday Account who Check in and claim the deal will get a double movie pass each month for 12 months. Worth around $430 its not bad value for a couple seconds work, assuming you were signing up anyway. The offer is limited to the first 2,200 people and available Australia-wide.

It will be interested to see how fast other Australian businesses adopt Facebook check-in deals and will it prove to be a valid customer acquisition strategy. Unfortunately for Foursquare, this is just one more feature Facebook has ‘borrowed’.

How to create a deal for your business ?

If your a business owner and want to create a deal for your customers, then head over to Facebook where they have a detailed video of your options available as well as an FAQ and beginners guide PDF.

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