Musk confirms Tesla Gigafactory Texas opening party and factory tours coming early 2022

As Tesla continues to manufacture and sell record numbers of cars, the big development for the company this year has been the construction of 2 new Gigafactories, one in Berlin and one in Texas. After we seen the construction of Giga Shanghai occur in such a short timeline, the expectation was that these two new factories would be online and producing cars at some time in 2021.

With just 10 days left in the year, it seems the first cars from these factories will now be in early 202.

Elon Musk has confirmed an opening party for Giga Texas will be in early 2022 (which could probably be anytime in the first quarter), but late January to mid-February seems realistic. The public will be able to tour the factory which is almost a mile long and is expected to be capable of producing half a million to a million vehicles annually.

Thanks to many Tesla enthusiasts, we get almost daily progress updates on the factory, thanks to drone flyovers like this one from Jeff Roberts. As the exterior of the building is completed, we’ll need to rely on leaked photos to understand how close they are with the interior.

Musk recently conducted an interview from inside Giga Texas where the factory was showcased in the background of the shot. It looks like most of the machines are in place, but testing all the equipment together is going to take a little longer and be confident that once they switch this on, it’ll run uninterrupted and produce quality vehicles.

The next earnings call will be held in January where Musk has indicated he will provide an update on the product roadmap. It would be a big positive if he can announce vehicles are coming off the production line in Texas and Berlin at that point.

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