MyKi Victorian ticketing system goes online, sort of.


    Unexpectedly the new Victorian card-based ticketing system went online. Designed to simplify and update the process of purchasing train, tram and bus tickets around the state, the launch today only encompassed trains. Travellers who venture between the different transport options will need to carry both the older Metcard and their MyKi pass, which removes the intended convenience.

    Users are required to press the card against the MyKi panel on the way on, then again on the way off. Should you forget to end your journey you will get charged a set capped fee for that zone. Note: it’s obviously beneficial to remember to press off as often as you can to minimize the cost charged.


    MyKi does solve the issue of needed to carry coins, however so many other purchases in our lives still require it, we won’t be leaving them behind any time soon. Another complaint is the time required for the machine to register your card. This is reportedly noticeably longer than the current paper cards.

    This brings up the point of durability. Paper cards often get crushed fairly easily amongst those wads of $50’s, so having a hard plastic, credit-card type card will be much more resilient to abuse.

    Whilst the MyKi project was well intentioned (keeping up with technology the rest of the world is using / moving to) it hasn’t been without its issues. Transport ministers have received widespread criticism of it being overtime and over budget.

    MyKi cards are currently available online at but should be available for purchase using a similar vending machine to the current system. There’ll also be MyKi information booths (see below) and most post offices will also act as retailers for the card.

    MyKi Card Types
    Different card types have been catered for and are actually easily identifiable. Options are: full fare, concession, seniors and child cards.

    After signing up for a card (to test their purchasing system), the process is pretty much what you’d expect, except how long it’ll take to get the card.

    Delivery details

    Your myki will be delivered in 7 days.

    So while some of the MyKi system went online today, it’s going to have very few users for at least the next week.


    There is an option to auto top-up. This will automatically topup your MyKi balance from your credit card once it drops below a specific balance. This will avoid ever being left in a situation without MyKi credit, but is not the default option.

    MyKi MyKi machine

    The official press release.

    More @ MyKi and Wikipedia

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