Myspace tries again with an iPhone app, Android coming soon



Struggling old-school music service Myspace has tried to reinvent itself with a brand new website last year. Now comes their mobile push with an iPhone app and soon an Android app. While offering mobile support for the music service is neat, it’s nothing new.

Myspace’s biggest issue isn’t support for platforms, but competition, let’s face it, which Myspace was popular in the 90s, they were basically the only game in town. Now the music landscape has changed substantially and consumers are spoilt for choice. In Australia we have Spotify, Rdio, MOG, NOW, Nokia Music, Xbox Music and more recently twitter music.

Here’s the Myspace iPhone app features:

• Make new connections through People Browse.
• Swipe to find people, artists and tastemakers you should know based on the things you like

Capture a moment – and then some – with GIF Creator.
• Effortlessly make a stop-motion masterpiece and share it instantly on your Myspace profile
Tune in to new frequencies with Social Radio.
• Listen to your own personal radio station loaded with the music you love
• Hear what friends and favorite artists are listening to by checking out their radio stations

Manage your social network
• Post updates to your stream and keep your connections in the loop
• Share photos from the integrated camera or directly from your Photo Library
• Message online connections
• Connect to new people and photos

Let us know in the comments if the mobile Myspace excites you. If the website refresh only managed a momentary second of hope for the beloved brand, the iPhone app is unlikely to move the needle.


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