Nanoleaf wants to light up entire walls of your home

Nanoleaf are turning out to be a pretty interesting young company. After we recently reviewed their triangular Aurora light panels, they’ve got a new light panel, announced at CES 2018, that are square. When you square things off and keep the unique interconnect system, you open the door to some amazing smart lighting possibilities.

One of those possibilities is to convert an entire wall of your home into a multi-coloured, light display that responds to IoT events. The overall effect is pretty amazing and the cost would be equally jaw-dropping.

The panels also add a great new touch feature, meaning you can tap each panel to turn them off individually to turn it on or off (or just use the app to control them all). This touch interaction will also allow dimming and colour changing, a really solid improvement on functionality.

Currently if you want your Nanoleaf panels to respond to sound, you need an additional adapter, the Nanoleaf Rhythm, but when the squares arrive, the audio detection will be housed within the controller panel, smart.

If you’re getting some creative ideas about how you may implement these new Nanoleaf panels, you’ll want to know that the maximum you can connect is a massive 1,000, that’s seriously impressive, if you do that, just be ready for a decent power bill, but still, the technology to achieve that is a great step forward.

Don’t forget that commercial applications may be the place you see these first, given the cost, but also the impact they make, which visually would be a big attraction for passer’s by. At the end of the day, retail is always trying for new ways to draw attention to their offerings and adding a light wall, would certainly be a way to stand out from the crowd.

More information at cnet.

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