NBN reaches mainland, Armidale leaves us in the (digital) dust

NBN Fibre
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New South Wales regional town Armidale will be the first mainland location to go live with NBN services. Until now Tasmania has been the only NBN connected state.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard will flick the switch at an Armidale school later today. Delimiter reports that a video conference between the Armidale school and a school in Tasmania will take place to demonstrate the capability of the NBN. As your well aware a video conference doesn’t require the NBN, so I’d hope they use a large HDTV and 1080p video cameras.

So with the National Broadband Network online in more locations, the only real question is how long until you get it. Unfortunately NBNCo only release short term rollout locations, I’d like to see them release the full schedule. This is however unlikely to happen as those in the 7% that will be serviced by satellite.

Steven Conroy said this morning on ABC24 that the NBN has an “88% signup rate”. Meanwhile Neil Woolrich from Inside Business claims that he heard during an interview on radio prior to the Conroy interview, that the real figure could be a measly 600 signups, with a combination of individuals and businesses over 10 months. Woolrich didn’t indicate the real source for that figure.

Armidale NBN location

More info @ Delimiter and NBNCo.

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