Need for Speed comes to life with Crew Create, lets gamers create a real car



EA has teamed up with Zen Garage and are working on customising a Nissan S15 car based on feedback from gamers. While racing fans may love racing virtual cars in-game, they spend just as long on car customisation. EA are working with Zen to take a real life S15 and customise it to create the ultimate crowd sourced vehicle.

Each week one component of the car is selected to focus on and just like the game, a set of options are presented. The difference here is that fans get to vote on the option they want and the most popular makes it to the car.

This project certainly has the opportunity to go off the rails and end up looking like a Homer Simpson car, but in reality, while many people have many opinions about what makes for a good looking car, the final product should be a good one.


The first week, users selected rims (TE37SL), the second week, the focus turned to the body kit. The series known as ‘Need for Speed Crew Create’ will continue on until the project is complete (which should take around 2months) and offers prizes along the way to those that contribute.

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