Need For Speed Payback Gameplay Trailer is full of cinematic cut scenes

    The Need for Speed franchise is almost as long as I am old and if I’m a complete sucker for the arcade racer. Sometimes you’re after racing simulation, but there’s plenty of times where you just want to race for fun. The latest edition will be released on November 10th this year and is called Need for Speed Payback.

    Ahead of E3 2017, developers EA have released a gameplay trailer. Immediately you notice this game’s different than before. Not only do the graphics look amazing, but the racing looks to be regularly interrupted by cut scenes. There’s moments like sideswiping the bad guys, running them into a pole that looks spectacular, almost like a special effects scene from a fast and furious movie. It concerns me how rapidly they look to be occurring, this could get annoying fast.

    Within a couple of minutes, the cinema effects were in full play at least half a dozen times. The trailer does a good job at making these look dynamic, but if you look closely like the arrows indicating you need to pull the Mustang alongside the truck’s trailer, the cut scene will run when you move your car to a given area within a given time. Sure, it’ll be dynamically rendered so any vehicle customisation like a special livery will be shown in the cut scene, but overly scripted cut-aways is nowhere near as much fun as it looks in a trailer.

    Decide for yourself, watch the video below.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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