New Hypersoft reigns supreme during F1 testing ahead of Melbourne GP

The Australian Grand Prix and the first round of the 2018 Formula 1 Grand Prix is just a couple of weeks away. Ahead of that, the teams have been testing their new setups and the new tyre compounds Pirelli is bringing to the track this season.

After an uncertain start with bad weather last week, pre-season testing in Barcelona eventually turned out to be very productive with more representative conditions this week. The teams were able to comfortably complete more than 100 laps each per day, helping them to prepare for the season ahead and gather information on the 2018 tyre range.

While all the compounds were tested, it was the new Pink hypersoft, that proved the best, setting a new all-time lap record. The biggest change was the fact that the track has been resurfaced this year, making it smoother with more grip. Most importantly of all though, the teams are satisfied with the data that they have collected. From our side we now also have a good idea of the performance differences between the compounds at this point of the season, with around 0.7 seconds between the ultrasoft and the hypersoft, which corresponds to our expectations.

The Melbourne Grand Prix runs from the Thursday 22nd March, through to Sunday 25 March.

Best times and compounds overall – March 6-9.

Vettel Ferrari 1m17.182s (Day 3) HYPERSOFT
Raikkonen Ferrari 1m17.221s (Day 4) HYPERSOFT
Alonso McLaren 1m17.784s (Day 4) HYPERSOFT
Ricciardo Red Bull 1m18.047s (Day 2) HYPERSOFT
Sainz Renault 1m18.092s (Day 4) HYPERSOFT
Magnussen Haas 1m18.360s (Day 3) SUPERSOFT
Gasly Toro Rosso 1m18.363s (Day 3) HYPERSOFT
Hamilton Mercedes 1m18.400s (Day 2) ULTRASOFT
Grosjean Haas 1m18.412s (Day 4) ULTRASOFT
Bottas Mercedes 1m18.560s (Day 2) ULTRASOFT
Hulkenberg Renault 1m18.675s (Day 3) HYPERSOFT
Vandoorne McLaren 1m18.855s (Day 3) HYPERSOFT
Hartley Toro Rosso 1m18.949s (Day 4) HYPERSOFT
Ocon Force India 1m18.967s (Day 4) HYPERSOFT
Leclerc Sauber 1m19.118s (Day 4) HYPERSOFT
Sirotkin Williams 1m19.189s (Day 4) SOFT
Ericsson Sauber 1m19.244s (Day 3) HYPERSOFT
Kubica Williams 1m19.629s (Day 3) SUPERSOFT
Perez Force India 1m19.634s (Day 3) HYPERSOFT
Verstappen Red Bull 1m19.842s (Day 3) SOFT
Stroll Williams 1m19.954s (Day 4) SOFT
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